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Does the Callous Clear Commercial Make You Want to Buy, or Change the Channel?

Callous ClearIf you’re going to advertise your foot callus removal product on TV, I guess you need to demonstrate what it does and how it works. Callous Clear from Telebrands may do a great job, but it’s certainly not very appetizing to watch large globs of dead skin scraped off a foot, even if the foot is attached to a hot model. And there are so many steps: Apply the foot softening cream to the callus removal patch, place the patch on your foot and wait a while, then remove it and file your foot. Finally, finish with an application of foot balm.

And what’s up with the spelling? I thought callous meant without emotion, and callus meant hard, thickened skin.

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Royal Pedi – New Product Tuesday

Royal Pedi - Fit for a Queen?Before I started blogging about As Seen on TV products, I was completely unaware of womankind’s bizarre fixation with removing dead skin and calluses from their feet. It seems any product that performs this function is bound to be a huge success. Today’s candidate for the foot abrading hall of fame is the Royal Pedi, which claims to be the first hands-free foot exfoliator. At first I thought this meant you had to connect to it via Bluetooth, but no electronics are involved.

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