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New Product Tuesday with Automatic Fire Extinguisher

Grotto's On Fire FireballAs you may remember, we featured this product back in July when it was being marketed as the Grotto’s On Fire Fireball, which is still the name on the packaging. This somewhat less than descriptive name made some believe this product was designed to start fires in artificial caves, and therefore not of much interest to the average consumer.

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New Product Tuesday with Grotto’s On Fire Fireball

Grotto's On Fire FireballNow here’s a great idea: A product that can automatically stop fires in your home before they get out of control. The Grotto’s On Fire Fireball releases its non-toxic fire suppression powder when it senses temperatures above 158° F. The Fireball can put out many fires completely, or can give you the extra time you and your family need to escape to safety. Where should you put a Grotto’s On Fire Fireball? Furnace room, attic, garage – anywhere you want an extra level of security. Carry one in your car. Kids going to college should have one in their dorm room. Makes a perfect gift for any occasion. The Fireball doesn’t need batteries, and is completely maintenance-free. Just leave it and forget for year-around fire prevention.