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New Product Tuesday with Easy Dish

Easy Dish Official WebsiteDid you buy Easy Feet because you liked the idea of a car wash for your feet? If so, you might want to take a look at Easy Dish. This new dishwashing aid, with “over 10,000 super cleaning bristles,” is sort of like an Easy Feet for your dishes, glasses and silverware. Easy Dish claims to save water, time and money. If all of your dishes are dirty, and you tell your housemates it’s because you’ve been waiting for a miracle product to make dishwashing faster and easier, your excuse is no longer valid.

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New Product Tuesday with Easy Feet

Easy Feet Foot SpaOMG, this is amazing. Washing my feet in the shower is so difficult. I have to actually bend my knee to reach my foot. It’s such a hassle. I just don’t bother most of the time. Now I have Easy Feet, the plastic foot scrubber you attach to your tub or shower. It washes both sides of my foot at the same time, and even has a pumice stone to smooth my cracked heels. Like the commercial says, Easy Feet is “like a car wash for your feet.” Because my feet are like cars, except they don’t use gas, or have license plates. And I don’t park them outside. You can’t live in them if you’re homeless. And they don’t have any trade-in value.