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Does the Callous Clear Commercial Make You Want to Buy, or Change the Channel?

Callous ClearIf you’re going to advertise your foot callus removal product on TV, I guess you need to demonstrate what it does and how it works. Callous Clear from Telebrands may do a great job, but it’s certainly not very appetizing to watch large globs of dead skin scraped off a foot, even if the foot is attached to a hot model. And there are so many steps: Apply the foot softening cream to the callus removal patch, place the patch on your foot and wait a while, then remove it and file your foot. Finally, finish with an application of foot balm.

And what’s up with the spelling? I thought callous meant without emotion, and callus meant hard, thickened skin.

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Wax Vac Wants You to Stick it in Your Ear

Wax Vac is a tiny vacuum designed to suck earwax and moisture from your ear canal. According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, “Doctors strongly discourage using cotton swabs or ear candling to remove earwax and say that unless it’s causing bothersome symptoms, earwax should be left alone.”

Anything you stick in your ear can potentially puncture your eardrum or cause other serious damage. This danger does not stop most folks from using cotton swabs and even less appropriate methods to clean their ears, including hair pins and ear candles. Look at the scary earwax removal tools you can buy on Walmart.

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JNL Fusion: New DVD Workout Program from Jennifer Nicole Lee

JNL Fusion DVD workout program from Jennifer Nicole LeeInternational fitness celebrity Jennifer Nicole Lee is back with a new DVD workout program, JNL Fusion. Best known for pitching the Ab Circle Pro, Jennifer is back with this new fitness regimen that doesn’t need expensive hardware. Just you, a DVD player, a 5′ x 5′ area to exercise and 30 minutes a day. If you put forth the effort, JNL Fusion promises to transform your saggy flabbiness into the body of a fitness model in just 60 days.

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New Product Tuesday with NightSkin Age Spot Anti-Aging Skin Cream

NightSkin Nationwide Free Bottle GiveawayYou may have seen this TV commercial advertising the NightSkin Wake Up Beautiful Nationwide Free Giveaway. NightSkin claims to visibly reduce the appearance of age spots and wrinkles with active ingredients backed by decades of research. A bottle of NightSkin costs fifty bucks, so getting one for free is a great deal, right?

It probably is a great deal, but we are looking for someone who has actually taken advantage of this offer to share the details. When you visit the free bottle website, it’s obvious that you need to fill out and submit the form on the first page before you get the specifics of the offer.

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GripGo Cell Phone Mount – New Product Tuesday

GripGo Cell Phone MountGripGo suction mounts your cell phone in a convenient location on your dashboard or windshield for safer use while driving. Great for making handsfree speaker phone calls or using your smartphone as a GPS navigation system.

Jordan Pine reviews As Seen on TV products and commercials on his website The SciMark Report. Jordan thinks the GripGo spot is “just about perfect,” and I agree. David Jones is a pleasant and effective pitchman. There are two effective demonstrations, one involving a bowling ball. This commercial really reminds me of Billy Mays’ 2009 classic spot for the Jupiter Jack, down to the “be there in 5 minutes” call from the office. So I’m thinking the producers were just a teensy bit influenced by the earlier work.

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EZ Chip Repair – New Product Tuesday

EZ Chip Repair Auto Paint Chip Repair KitDo you need EZ Chip Repair auto paint chip repair kit? Walk around your car and take a close look at the hood and fenders. Unless your vehicle is brand new, you’re going to find paint chips. These unsightly blemishes look terrible and are the breeding ground for steel-eating rust. The good news is you don’t need to get your whole car repainted to repair paint chips.

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StoneDine Non-Stick Pans – New Product Tuesday

StoneDine Non-Sitck Skillets, Pots and PansStoneDine Cookware was developed in Germany, and as Vince Offer tells us, “the Germans always make good stuff.” Ceramic-coated skillets and pans may be scratch-resistant, but StoneDine is coated with rocks. These miracle stone-coated pans promise not only resistance to scratches, but also non-stick oil and fat-free frying, reduced cooking time, and high-quality construction with magnetized stainless steel plate base.

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ElimiTag Skin Tag Remover – New Product Tuesday

ElimiTab Homeopathic Natural Skin Tag RemoverElimiTag Skin Tag Remover may seem familiar. That’s because it’s a copycat product. Whenever an As Seen on TV product becomes wildly successful, and there’s no patent protecting it, others will step in and try and cash in on its success. Back in August, we introduced you to Tag Away, an all-natural homeopathic skin tag remover containing the essential oil thuja occidentalis. Guess what? ElimiTag is also an all-natural homeopathic skin tag remover containing the same active ingredient. And although we personally hadn’t heard of ElimiTag before yesterday, it claims to be the original topical homeopathic skin tag remover.

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Seasonaire Heater and Air Purifier – New Product Tuesday

Seasonaire Heater from Montel WilliamsMontel Williams wants you to know that the Seasonaire Heater & Air Purification System is not an ordinary electric heater. The Seasonaire is a high-tech year-round air treatment system that doesn’t need to pretend it’s an old-fashioned fireplace by hiding under an Amish wood mantle.

We haven’t seen another portable zone heating system that also delivers pure, moist, triple-purified air all year long. Here are the six top features of the Seasonaire:

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