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Bowflex TreadClimber Big Holiday Savings

Bowflex TreadClimber 2014 Holiday SavingsThe holidays are coming. What comes after the holidays? Resolution season. The Bowflex® TreadClimber® is the perfect gift for you or a loved one who wants to lose weight and get in shape. And this is the best time to buy, as you’ll save hundreds and get free shipping and a free mat. Why TreadClimber?

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Billy Mays Died Five Years Ago, Shoes Still Not Filled

We Miss Billy MaysFive years have passed, and we still miss Billy Mays. Death took him at the apex of his career, and it’s hard not to wonder what he’d be doing today if he was still with us. So far, no one has inherited the mantle of his blue shirt, not Anthony “Sully” Sullivan, nor Vince Offer. Continue reading

DRTV Firm Top Dog Direct Hosts ‘Speed Pitch’

top dog direct
Top Dog Direct hosts Philly ‘Speed Pitch’

60 Seconds and . . . Bring It On!

DRTV firm Top Dog Direct invited inventors to pitch the next potential As Seen on TV hit product at its Speed Pitch in Philadelphia. The country’s biggest direct-marketing manufacturer and marketer hosted the event at the Liberty Bell/Independence Mall Visitor Center on Thursday, March 6, from 9 a.m. to noon, as reported by NJ.com. It featured a panel of experts on hand to judge participants’ 60-second pitches. Winners were awarded contracts that could lead to their product being sold on TV. Stay tuned to this blog for a run-down on the winning pitches.

Top Dog Direct is the company behind proven products like Mighty Putty Purple and Night View NV Night Driving Glasses.

It’s a Bust: Jury to Decide Cami Secret Lawsuit

Breast intentions

The makers of the Cleava clip-on camisole went after the maker of Cami Secret with a federal suit in a claim of patent infringement. Now it’s up to a jury to decide which company had the breast intentions in mind.

“It’s a copy, definitely.”

“It’s a copy. It’s a copy, definitely,” BraNovations Inc. president Michelle De Sousa told Florida’s NBC-2. De Sousa and her business partner and husband, vice president J. D. De Sousa, claim a much larger company, Cami Secret maker Ontel, copied their product after they refused to sell it to Ontel.

The De Sousas want Ontel to stop selling the Cami Secret. They also want a piece of the millions in profits Ontel has made so far.

Ontel’s defense is that BraNovations’s patent was never valid to begin with, and that the De Sousas just “want to get money out of Ontel.”

“I want to move in the direction of getting it in the big box stores like WalMart,” said Michelle. “With [Cami Secret] being there, WalMart is not going to take a product they’re already selling.”

“It’s been a long road, a long journey,” said J.D. “Me and my wife believe we’re just starting.”

In the meantime, you can still buy Cami Secret and take advantage of this special double offer.


SciMark Report: A DRTV Weekly Roundup

Every week, product prognosticator Jordan Pine of SciMark Corp. posts his predictions for how new products will do in the marketplace.

So how does this seasoned Caesar of direct-response TV products see the latest batch of As Seen on TV contenders?

In his latest Weekly Roundup, Pine gives a thumbs up or thumbs down to five products that you may or may not see on store shelves in the coming months, depending on how they test. Continue reading

TV’s ‘Graveyard Slot’ to Rake In $250B by 2015

Perfect PollyProducts like the UroClub, the nine-iron golf club you can pee in, could only be advertised during what TV programmers call the “graveyard slot.” But wacky products like this—along with its cousins, like the Snap’n Pump sandwich-bag sealer and the Perfect Polly electronic parakeet—earned $170 billion in sales in 2009, reports TheWeek.com. And that number could grow to a quarter of a trillion dollars by 2015.

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Table-Mate is the Better TV Tray

Table-Mate Portable Table TV TrayThe makers of Table-Mate want you to know they’ve invented a better TV tray. When I was a kid growing up in the sixties, my family ate dinner together every night. But we didn’t sit around the dining room table exchanging anecdotes about our daily activities and discussing the issues of the day. No, we filled our plates in the kitchen and carried them to the family room of our modest ranch-style suburban home. There we gathered around the TV and watched Huntley and Brinkley deliver the news, each of us with our own TV tray on which to balance our plate, beverage and eating utensils. We didn’t have much dinner conversation, but I did keep up with current events. The trays neatly folded and stored in a closet when we were done, ready for the next day’s lunch when we would have tomato soup and olive loaf sandwiches while my Mom watched her favorite soap, Love of LIfe. In the evening after dinner, I’d set up a tray to complete my math homework or work on my stamp collection while watching Combat, The Avengers or The Man from U.N.C.L.E. To this day, I spend much of my time multitasking in front of the TV.

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Side Socket Wall-Mounted Surge Protector with Rotating Sockets

Side SocketSide Socket is the most inventive and useful As Seen on TV product we’ve seen so far in 2013. Just when it seems that all possible household gadgets have already been invented, Allstar (who brought us the Snuggie) delivers with this wall-mounted surge protector with sockets that rotate to the side to reduce clutter and save space. Side Socket turns two outlets into six. That’s great, but you can pick up a wall adapter that does that at any hardware store. But Side Socket has two sets of three outlets that each rotate 9o degrees to the side. This means you can fully utilize all the electrical outlets in your home or office and still move furniture right up against the wall. With today’s plugged-in lifestyle, we have more and more devices that need to be plugged in or charged up. Keep all your electrical cords, plugs and power adapters neat, tidy and organized.

Cafe Cup Brews Single-Serving Savings for Coffee Pod People

Cafe Cup Reusable K-CupSo you’re one of the suckers that bought a Keurig or other K-Cup coffee brewing machine. Sounded great from a convenience standpoint. But when you looked at how much you were paying for each cup of coffee, the sticker shock gave you more of a jolt than you ever got from the caffeine in a steaming cup of java. Not to mention the environmental impact of all those disposable plastic cups.

The solution is a reusable K-Cup that you can fill with whatever coffee (or tea) you want. Keurig’s patent on the K-Cup ran out last year, so now anyone can make them. The Cafe Cup is the As Seen on TV version, but you can find refillable K-Cups at Walmart that are higher quality or cheaper, especially when you figure in the inflated shipping charges, slow shipping, poor customer service and endless upsells that are part of the As Seen on TV buying experience.

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