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As UnSeen On TV Reveals What Infomercials Fail to Tell You

As UnSeen On TVAs UnSeen On TV is a new website that promises to reveal “The Top Ten Facts Infomercials Fail to Tell You.” Exposing deceptive marketing practices, As UnSeen On TV is a wake-up call for the direct marketing community. In tough economic times, consumers are more reluctant to part with their hard-earned money, and most As Seen On TV products are not necessities. They won’t spend if they don’t trust the seller. If they do purchase, but then feel duped or get poor customer service, they won’t be back. As explained in As UnSeen On TV Fact #2, there are other ways to buy infomercial products.

New Product Tuesday with Titan Peeler

The Titan Peeler is a slicing, grating, peeling, shaving, shredding kitchen gadget that really epitomizes what As Seen On TV and direct marketing are all about. Following in the footsteps of the legendary Veg-O-Matic, it even makes julienne fries and slice onions without tears! If you spend anytime preparing fruits and vegetables, you want, no you need this product. Have clicked the ad to buy yet? Now? How about now?

NY Times calls Billy Mays Top Yeller

This week’s installment of Rob Walker’s New York Times Magazine column Consumed is all about our favorite yell-and-sell pitchman Billy Mays. He covers a lot of territory in a one page article, including information about Billy’s upcoming series for the Discovery Channel. Rob, it’s a great article, but where’s the link love? Wouldn’t your readers who don’t own TV looky-boxes like to see 10 of Billy’s commercials on one conveniently-accessed webpage? We’re just askin’.