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New Product Tuesday with Fab-Tastik

Fab-Tastik Fabric MenderYay, As Seen on TV marketers! Once again, you’ve managed to invent an indispensable product we didn’t know we needed. Fab-Tastik is a double-sided adhesive that bonds fabric together instantly. While the bond won’t survive the wash cycle, it will provide a strong and temporary mend for fashion emergencies without resorting to the old-fashioned safety pin we’ve been using since the 14th century BC.

Fuzzoodles: New Creative Kids Toy

Need a fun and creative new toy to keep kids engaged this summer, during those rainy days and long car rides? Check out Fuzzoodles, a crafty new toy that’s a clever mashup of Bendaroos and Mr. Potato Head. Love the catchy theme song, too.Fuzzoodles