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New Product Tuesday with Harry Potter Chess Set

Order Harry Potter Chess Set and save $50The Harry Potter Chess Set may be the perfect gift for fans. This collectible set recreates Wizard’s Chess as played in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. This set is a huge upgrade from the inexpensive Harry Potter chess sets you may have seen. Each of the 32 authentic replica chess pieces is a scaled-down replica of the movie version, and has a thrilling special effect inspired by the film. You’ll see when you watch the video below. The chess board lights up, as does the Queen. Two magic wands mysteriously guide your Rooks across the board. Thirty-two illustrated Harry Potter Chess Manuals are included to introduce beginners to the rules of Wizard’s Chess. As with any fine collectible, each set includes a signed certificate of authenticity that confirms your set is an authentic replica from the movie.

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New Product Tuesday with Derek Jeter New York Team Captain Coin

The Man Without a Team
The Man Without a Team

If you’ve been watching the Yankees in the post-season baseball playoffs, it’s likely you’ve seen this spot for the officially licensed Derek Jeter New York Team Captain Coin. Look at the images in the infomercial and on the commemorative coin. Listen to the audio and read all the text on the official website. What’s missing is any reference to the team Derek Jeter so ably captains. No Yankees logo on his uniform. No visual or audio reference to the Yankees anywhere on the product or in the offer. This is still a cool collectible for Derek Jeter fans. I just wanted to highlight the complexities involved in sport licensing. Licensing a player’s name and likeness does not extend to his or her team. That obviously costs extra.

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Yes You Can … Own a Piece of History with New Obama Coin

Is this Barack Obama Inaugural Dollar tacky? Whenever there is a historic event in our country’s history, many Americans are inspired to profit by commemorating that moment in the form of coins, models, plates and other assorted bric-a-brac (each with the mandatory certificate of authenticity).

However, we at As Seen On TV Video have to admit that we are deeply inspired by Barack Obama’s message and we celebrate his victory. This is a moment unlike any in our history. So we agree a keepsake like this really hits the right note. It’s an inexpensive momento eveyone can afford to own or give. The perfect gift for everyone except McCain/Palin supporters. And at this magical moment, maybe some of them would like it too.