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Anti-Aging Skincare from Cold Plasma Sub-D Neck Rejuvenation

Before and After Cold Plasma Sub-D Neck Rejuvenation TreatmentTo quote Nora Ephron, do you feel bad about your neck? And your jawline and chin? Or chins? Well, there’s always cosmetic surgery to tighten up that drooping, sagging skin, but that’s pretty invasive, and mighty expensive. What to do with your turkey neck? Dr. Nicholas Perricone says he has the answer – Cold Plasma Sub-D Neck Rejuvenation Treatment. His patented delivery system claims to improve the firmness of the neck area, tone and tighten the chin and jawline and decrease sagging, loose skin.

The most dramatic results are seen after 45 days of applying Cold Plasma Sub-D, so if you have a high school class reunion coming up this summer, best get on it. Bonus points if you can get your significant other to rub it in and give you a relaxing neck massage at the same time.

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