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New Product Tuesday with Spray-It Away

This is the time of year when many of us consume colossal quantities of calories. All manner of sweet and savory holiday treats tempt us at every turn, in the break room at the office, at multiple holiday parties and family get-togethers, from UPS and USPS deliveries and at the supermarket checkout. If your willpower is not so powerful, you might want to give Spray-It Away a try.  A few sprays of Spray-It Away before meals or snacks reduces hunger and makes you feel full, so you eat less and lose weight. Spray-It Away contains 100% pure Lumathin, part of the Carraluma Fimbriata family. This plant been used for centuries in India to suppress appetite and enhance stamina. Order Spray-It Away today and you may not need to make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight!