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As Seen On TV and Growing in My Garden

As Seen On TV and in My GardenOkay, we’re hardy souls up here in Frostbite Falls, but I’m getting pretty darn sick of winter. The gardening catalogs are arriving daily, and commercials for Giant Blueberries and Indoor Banana Trees are tempting me with the promise of something fresh to put on my morning cereal. And I’m dreaming of delicious, colorful salads with Rainbow Bell Peppers picked fresh from my patio garden. But this year, I’m going to consider more than just my own stomach – the birds and bees get hungry, too. If I plant the Amazing Hummingbird Vine on the backyard fence, will the nectar really draw hummingbirds by the dozen? I guess I could risk it, since the yellow and orange flowers are gorgeous all on their own. Butterflies are attracted to Hearty English Lavender and ants dislike the smell of it – perfect for organic ant control! Who knows, maybe I’ll even plant a couple of Royal Empress Trees close enough to string up my hammock, so I can laze about, eating bowls of just-picked cherries from my Flowering Cherry Hedge… I am SO ready for Spring.