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New Product Tuesday with Emagrece Sim

Bikini body courtesy of Emagrece SimYour Savvy Shopper doesn’t know what magical South American ingredients are in the Emagrece Sim diet system. Watching the infomercial, you might believe its cleansing and hunger-reducing properties of this two-part weight loss system play a pivotal roll in sculpting all those beautiful bikini-clad bodies on the beaches of Rio. My questions are: 1) Is this product really from Brazil, and 2) does Emagrece Sim really mean “yes to make thin” in the local lingo? Google Translate says it means “rather thin,” or maybe “thin yes yes” or “yep, thin.” If you translate from English to Portuguese, you get “sim fazer fina.” Any Portuguese speakers out there? Anyone who’s had success dropping pounds with the product? Let us know!