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New Product Tuesday with Time Life Box Sets

Free shipping on all orders from Time LifeToday’s post is aimed at young people who can’t seem to find the perfect gift for older relatives like parents and grandparents. Here’s a tip: the olds like music and TV shows from when they were young like you. It’s called nostalgia. And the most part, they’re not technologically savvy. They don’t get their music from Spotify or Pandora. They don’t stream video from Netflix or Hulu. They think a torrent is heavy rainstorm.

Yes, boomers and seniors like CDs and DVDs. It’s technology they understand and can hold in their hands. These are people who still cling to landlines, own VCRs and buy cars with CD changers. Give them something they’ll find comfortably familiar: a CD or DVD box set from Time Life. For a limited time, there’s free shipping on all orders.

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New Product Tuesday with Crusade WWII DVD Set

Crusade WWII DVD SetSince yesterday was Memorial Day, we couldn’t think of a more appropriate product for this week’s New Product Tuesday than Crusade WWII. Originally shown on television in 1949 and 1951, Crusade in Europe and Crusade in the Pacific are hardly new. What’s new is their release in this special Crusade World War II DVD Collection. Because these gripping documentaries were made just a few years after World War II ended, involving some the some of the same filmmakers and journalists who actually reported from the front, they provide a unique perspective on the greatest generation who bravely fought evil to keep us free.