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Billy Mays: The Video Game on Yahoo! Answers

Billy Mays Video GameHere is an atypical Yahoo! Answers question, because it’s funnier than its answers. But the poster is actually trying to be clever. Your Savvy Shopper definitely prefers unintentional hilariousness over intentional humor where the execution does not fully mine the comedic possibilities of the premise. Still, I’m glad the citizens of the Internet haven’t forgotten Billy. Can you help Harley with cheats for Billy Mays: The Video Game?

I just bought Billy Mays: The Video Game for my Nintendo Wii. However, I can’t get past the fight with Vince from SlapChop. I keep dying when he says “You’re gonna love my nuts” and start throwing his nuts at me. What can I do, guys?!

I returned to level three, got the OxiClean sprayer 9000 and killed Vince. Now I’m stuck on level 9,0001 (IT’S OVER 9,000!). You have to climb into a giant SlapChop machine and disable its power grid to shut it off. However, once I get inside I cannot find the power grid. I have every weapon in the game, including the pricey Billy Mays endorsed rocket launcher. I break through every cracked wall and I still can’t find the grid. What do I do now!? ):,

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Anthony Sullivan shoots new spot for Mighty Thirsty

TBO.com reports on a new informercial filmed yesterday for Mighty Thirsty, the newest product from Mighty Brands. Anthony Sullivan inherited the role of Mighty spokesperson from the late Billy Mays. In this new spot, Sully is covered with Mighty Thirsty sponges, hooked to a parasail, then towed by a boat and dunked into the Gulf of Mexico to determine how absorbent the Mighty Thirsty sponges really are. We’re looking forward to seeing the footage, especially the behind the scenes action sure to show up in the new season of Pitchmen.

The Slow, Lingering Death of Billy Mays, Pitchman

On June 29, 2009, Billy Mays died suddenly from cardiac arrest. Six months after his passing, Billy’s pitchman career is finally nearing its inevitable end. If you surf late night TV or dedicated infomercial channels, you might see him alongside his Pitchmen partner Anthony “Sully” Sullivan as they cut up everything in sight with the Dual Saw. But his short-form spots are running less and less. Some products that Billy used to pitch, like the Jupiter Jack, are now pitched by Sully in re-shot and re-edited spots.

The last infomercial shot by Billy Mays was for Mighty Tape, a flexible non-adhesive tape that seals leaks. He completed shooting this spot the day before he died. The product has now been renamed Mighty Fixit, with Sully again replacing Billy as pitchman. This new lower-budget spot omits the dramatic underwater scene where Billy repairs a scuba diver’s hose with Mighty Tape. I’ve always wondered if underwater filming somehow contributed to Billy’s death. Is it possible an air bubble got into his bloodstream and stopped his heart? I’m not a doctor, but just sayin’. It’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

Nothing wrong with Sully taking over from his old friend and partner. That’s business, and Mr. Sullivan is very good at what he does both in front of and behind the camera. Just noting with sadness the end of an era. Direct response TV will never be the same without the booming voice, blue shirt, khaki slacks and jet-black beard of Billy Mays, Jr. While some advertisements remain in the public consciousness for decades, most are forgotten and don’t outlive their usefulness as tools to generate sales. Future generations aren’t likely to know or appreciate the greatest pitchman who ever pitched a product.


Search for Next Billy Mays Ends – Sully Offered Spot

TMZ.com reports that Mighty Brand president Bill McAllister has decided that Billy Mays is irreplaceable and is offering the role of pitching Mighty Products to Billy’s partner and Pitchmen co-star Anthony “Sully” Sullivan. More as we know it.

New Billy Mays Spot for MaxGrip Dash Tray

How many more as yet unseen Billy Mays products/infomercials are in the pipeline? I was previously unaware of this auto accessory: the MaxGrip Dash Tray. It seems kind of strange to see this debuting now, since I just noticed that Billy has been removed from the Jupiter Jack spot. I’m wonderin’ why that decision was made.

Was Cocaine a Factor in the Death of Billy Mays?

I’m really not happy about the way information was presented in the statement issued by Dr. Leszek Chrostowski, the associate medical examiner in Hillsborough County, Florida who conducted the autopsy of Billy Mays. Without any information regarding how often or how much Billy Mays used cocaine, and even though there was none in his system when he died, cocaine was listed as a contributing factor in his death. Dr. Chrostowski, this is a man’s reputation you are playing around with. It’s not your “teachable moment” about the perils of recreational drug use. I refer you all to the official family statement.

Billy Mays Spoof from Jimmy Kimmel Live. Funny or in bad taste?

Your Savvy Shopper was playing a reunion concert with his old reggae band Friday night and missed this Billy Mays Resurrectifier commercial spoof on Jimmy Kimmel live. I’ll have to admit it’s cleverly done and includes a passable impression of Billy’s booming pitch delivery. So, do you deem this spoof to be playfully funny or does it disrespect the memory of Billy Mays?