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Clean Sweep and Identity Stronghold to be Featured on Pitchmen Aug. 26

Clean Sweep
Clean Sweep
Identity Stronghold Secure Sleeves
Identity Stronghold

With last week’s season two premiere, Anthony Sullivan proved that Discovery Channel’s reality show PitchMen can remain compelling even without Billy Mays. The secret: make the inventors and their products the real stars. Here are two products featured on “Heart Wrench,” the episode premiering on August 26. Clean Sweep is the revamped version of Sully’s very successful Swivel Sweeper. Identity Stronghold Secure Sleeves protect your personal information from fraudsters and ID thieves by blocking the radio signal emitted by RFID chips on your credit cards, passport and other ID documents.

Mighty Thirsty, Hex Light and Cold Fire Featured on Pitchmen Aug. 19

As Seen on TV products featured on the premiere episode of Pitchmen season two:

Mighty Thirsty

Mighty Thirsty

Drinks up over 8 times its own weight in liquid

HexLight Hands-Free LED Flashlight


Hands-Free LED Flashlight

Cold Fire Ultimate Fire Protector

Cold Fire

Super-effective fire suppressant


Will You Be Watching Pitchmen This Thursday?

PitchMen on Discovery ChannelPitchmen returns with new episodes this Thursday August 19 at 9PM ET/PT on Discovery Channel. Anthony “Sully” Sullivan is still on board, but the looming question is if this reality series can retain its audience without the star power of Billy Mays. At the time of his death in June 2009, Billy was the most famous pitchman in America, and maybe the world. But Sully is a formidable talent in his own right, and has a great supporting cast to back him up (not to mention the inventors and their products – the real stars). So we want to know: Will you be watching?

Pitchmen Season 2 Debuts August 19 on Discovery

The press release we’ve been waiting for. August 19 is the date for PitchMen season 2 premiere!

Season two of PITCHMEN, which returns Thursdays at 9PM ET/PT on Discovery Channel beginning August 19, follows Anthony “Sully” Sullivan as he attempts to pick up the pieces and continue making inventors’ dreams come true after the sudden death of his longtime friend and pitch partner, Billy Mays.

Through 10 all-new episodes, Sully scours the country holding “pitch-a-thons” to give everyday inventors a shot at catching his eye with their simple solutions to common problems. Each episode will feature the good, bad and hilarious ideas that Sully comes across and will showcase the inventions from first pitch to final commercial to see if the risk pays off for the dare-to-dream inventors. From razors to wrenches, the products featured this season are more revolutionary – and, at times, outlandish – than ever before. But will they have what it takes to hit it big?

PITCHMEN, which first premiered in April 2009, is produced for Discovery Channel by Original Productions. Thom Beers, Philip D. Segal, Chris Wilson and Anthony Sullivan are executive producers for Original Productions and Chris Rantamaki is executive producer for Discovery Channel.


Happy Birthday, BillyWe celebrated with angel food cake with blue butter-cream flowers just the shade of Billy’s famous shirt. And missed him. Even though we are really looking forward to PitchMen Season 2 and can’t wait to see Sully, Billy Mays III and Arwen, it’s bitter-sweet that Billy had just hit it big when he died. All those pitches and commercials led up to a very successful show on the Discovery Channel and appearances with Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien. He had just signed a deal with Taco Bell to film commercials for the chain. I can’t help but wonder what other successes would have been his – he was a big believer in the American Dream, and not even the sky was his limit.


BILLY MAYS MEMORIAL CAPS LOCK DAYIt’s hard to believe it’s been an entire year, but today is the first anniversary of Billy Mays’ death. Are you rocking that blue shirt? ‘Cause you gotta – it’s how we honor the greatest pitchman who ever pitched a product. A year ago today he passed away at the age of 50, leaving us to eulogize him on YouTube and mop our tears with Zorbeez (the power to absorb up to 27 times greater than paper towels or any cotton cloth!).

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! According to urbandictionary.com, it’s officially Billy Mays Day: “It’s Traditional to wear a blue collared shirt with a white under shirt. Must also wear khakis. You must use CAPS LOCK the whole day. Even when talking to family or friends. If you can grow a beard by then, you are the man.”



Billy Mays Lonely Hearts Club Band

Kudos to Brandon Veski for creating this awesome Photoshop mashup of Billy Mays and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Although most of the transplanted heads are Billy Mays, Jr., we spy other Pitchmen cast members, including Anthony Sullivan. The Fab Four are reimagined as Billy Mays III  and Hindu Goddess Lakshmi now sports the lovely face of Arwen Saxon (@ArwenAnaNg). Billy Mays, Sr. even makes a few appearances. Who else can you find?

Click the image to view the hi-res version.

Sgt. Pepper Album Cover with Billy Mays

Sullivan Productions Demo Reel Gets Us Excited for New Season of Pitchmen

Sullivan Productions Demo ReelAaron Shedlock was hired by Sullivan Productions to search through their vast library of infomercials and put together this demo reel featuring some of the best short and long-form infomercials produced by Anthony Sullivan and his talented crew, many featuring the late, great Billy Mays. Watching this gets us super excited for the premiere of the new season of Discovery Channel’s Pitchmen.