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Hey, my eyes are up HERE, fella…

CamiSecretLadies, how many times have you tried to have a meaningful conversation with a co-worker, only to notice him noticing your neckline? Seriously annoying, right? But now you can wear just what you need to go straight from the office to a night on the town – just pop in Cami Secret and dial in the desired amount of cleavage! Made from washable, breathable material with a sexy lace border so you can choose your level of allure.

Mouthy for Leggy?

Right to Bare LegsIn between her numerous cosmetic surgeries and hosting “How’d You Get $o Rich”, Joan Rivers has found time to promote her new “Right to Bare Legs” (for those of you not hip to the Second Amendment, this is a play on the Constitutional phrase “right to keep and bear arms”). The cover-up leg makeup claims to conceal spider veins, birthmarks, sunspots, birthmarks and even ill-considered tattoos – or maybe just give you a little tan without sun damage. The question is, did the manufacturers choose Joan to be spokesperson because of her big, brash humor, or did they figure that at her age (77), she had the spider veins to effectively demo the product? Still, after Lancôme infamously fired Isabella Rossellini for being “too old” at the age of 43, you can’t help but say Go, Joan!

Commercial for Laurie Coleman Product

Laurie Coleman Blo and Go

Blo and Go is a product developed by Laurie Coleman, wife of Minnesota Republican Senator Norm Coleman. Norm is currently locked in a nasty three-way battle with Al Franken and Dean Barkley to retain his seat.

If you believe a lawsuit filed this week in Houston by Paul McKim, former CEO of Deep Marine, the Colemans are so poor that their best friend Nasser Kazeminy had to find illegal ways to funnel money ($75,000) to the Colemans through Laurie’s employer, insurance broker Hays Companies. We don’t know if that’s true, but you can help Laurie out and buy this cool product she invented. The Blo & Go is a hands-free device for your blow dryer. It’s just what you need during the political season — more hot air.