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New Product Tuesday with InstaBulb

InstaBulb - The Stick Up Light BulbToday’s post is going live several hours later than normal because we experienced a multi-hour power outage this morning here at As Seen On TV Video. We could have used today’s new product to illuminate the dark corners of our powerless offices. The InstaBulb is a battery-powered LED light that looks like a conventional incandescent bulb. It even has a pull-string to turn the light on and off. Each InstaBulb comes with an adhesive-backed bracket that lets you install it anywhere, and the bulb is removable from the bracket so you can use it as a flashlight (or pretend you’re Uncle Fester).

Do you remember the Stick Up Bulb, heavily advertised several years ago by the same pitchman, Anthony “Sully’ Sullivan? Seems pretty much identical in looks and functionality to the InstaBulb. Is a product actually new just because you changed the name? No, but it’s still just as useful.