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New Product Tuesday with Harry Potter Chess Set

Order Harry Potter Chess Set and save $50The Harry Potter Chess Set may be the perfect gift for fans. This collectible set recreates Wizard’s Chess as played in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. This set is a huge upgrade from the inexpensive Harry Potter chess sets you may have seen. Each of the 32 authentic replica chess pieces is a scaled-down replica of the movie version, and has a thrilling special effect inspired by the film. You’ll see when you watch the video below. The chess board lights up, as does the Queen. Two magic wands mysteriously guide your Rooks across the board. Thirty-two illustrated Harry Potter Chess Manuals are included to introduce beginners to the rules of Wizard’s Chess. As with any fine collectible, each set includes a signed certificate of authenticity that confirms your set is an authentic replica from the movie.

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MagicJack Plus Is Now More Magical. No Computer Needed.

Order MagicJack PlusMeet new MagicJack Plus. With the original (and wildly successful) MagicJack, your only option was to plug the device into your computer’s USB port. But what if your computer’s not available or it’s not turned on? What if you don’t even have a computer? The brand new MagicJack Plus doesn’t require a computer. Plug directly into your broadband router and it’s available at all times so you can make and receive free calls throughout the U.S. and Canada. You can still plug it into your computer if you want. If you have a laptop, MagicJack Plus is great for free calling when you travel.

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New Product Tuesday with Snap-On Feathers

Snap-On FeathersI’m not into feather hair extensions. The last time I had feathers in my hair, it was because I slept on a ripped pillowcase. Incredibly, it’s possible the root of this hair fashion trend is sexy senior citizen world’s oldest androgynous teenager Steven Tyler. The Aerosmith frontman often sported a feather in his hair while judging the past season of American Idol. So dude looks like a crazy bird lady on national TV, and suddenly hair salons all over the country are charging big bucks to weave feathers into your hair. But just like perms and hair color, women and girls of modest means want a cheaper way to do it at home.

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New Product Tuesday with Heel Dock

Heel Dock protects car mats and shoesAs Seen on TV marketers are always looking for new products that solve everyday problems. Sometimes, they have to invent the problem, then convince you to buy a product to solve it. Today’s new product is a perfect example. Does the dirt, grit and grime that collect on your car’s floor mat noticeably scuff the heel of your shoe? It does? Then you may be a prospect for the Heel Dock, a small carpeted square designed to protect the heel of your shoe from that nasty mat, and protect the mat from your nasty shoe. Heel scuffing is an almost plausible problem, but do you really need to protect your car’s floor mat?

Almost every car and SUV has floor mats to protect the carpeting, because floor mats can be removed for cleaning and even replaced if they wear out. Now we’re being asked to buy the Heel Dock to protect the protective mat. But what protects the Heel Dock? A Heel Dock mat?

Maybe I just don’t get it. Perhaps, ever since you became a licensed driver, you’ve suffered the agony of scuffed heels and worn mats. You’ve been waiting and watching for a product like this. Today’s your lucky day. Your wait is over.

New Product Tuesday with Bake Pop Cake-on-a-Stick Pan

Bake Pop As Seen on TV Cake-on-a-Stick

With the proliferation of foods-on-a-stick at state and county fairs around the USA, it’s not surprising to see the sticky food trend invade the nation’s home kitchens. Hey fondue, kebabs and Popsicles– step aside and make room for the Bake Pop. What you’re buying here are not actual doughnut-hole sized balls of cake, but instead the silicone pan you use to bake up a batch of 18 Bake Pops. You can use any store-bought cake mix. Bake Pops can be festively decorated for holidays and parties, and served without plates and forks for less mess to clean up. The sticks, plus decorating ideas and supplies, are included in the package.

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New Product Tuesday with Pet Rider

Pet Rider Seat CoverOver the last several years, our urban neighborhood has seen a dramatic increase in its canine population. When our neighbors aren’t out walking their pooches, they’re loading them into the car or SUV for trips to the groomer, the vet, the trainer or the dog park. New dog owners learn immediately that their pets get dirty, muddy and shed lots of hair. Plus, they have claws that can rip, snag and tear carpet and upholstery.

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New Product Tuesday with Pro Touch Wedge

Pro Touch Wedge Golf ClubsYour Savvy Shopper is not a golfer, but those who frequent the links seem pretty excited about the Pro Touch Wedge, a new specialty golf club. It claims to the best choice for all shots under 100 yards, especially for tough lies like the rough or the bunker. This club’s unique feature is its Sole Channel Technology, deep grooves in the club head designed to guide your ball toward the target so you don’t need to change your swing or stance when taking tough shots. I learned this and much more while watching the 28 minute and 29 second Pro Touch Wedge infomercial, which was possibly even more sleep-inducing to this non-golfer than watching the PGA Tour on TV. If you’re a golfer, however, anything that can reduce your handicap is a potential life-changing experience. Watch it yourself below.

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New Product Tuesday with GLH Spray On Hair in a Can

GLH Spray On Hair in a Can Before and After PhotosOK, GLH Formula is definitely not new. But it is new to our site. While no longer advertised on TV, we just learned this historic product is still available for purchase. Invented by As Seen on TV pioneer Ron Popeil, GLH is short for Great Looking Hair, and it’s a spray-on powder that clings to and thickens hair, covering bald spots for men and hiding thinning hair in women. The GLH Finishing Shield and GLH Shampoo complete the system.

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New Product Tuesday with Slice-O-Matic

Slice-O-Matic Official WebsiteVegetable choppers were the mainstay of the pitchman’s pitch at county fairs and on boardwalks decades before Ron Popeil introduced the Ronco Veg-o-Matic, the only As Seen on TV product in the Smithsonian Institution. Not satisfied with knives and graters, hungry consumers are always looking for a new way to slice a whole onion in seconds or prepare a mountain of julienne fries. The latest entry in this crowded market is the Slice-O-Matic from Telebrands, with name and function more than a little similar to its institutionalized predecessor.

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