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Billy Mays Died Five Years Ago, Shoes Still Not Filled

We Miss Billy MaysFive years have passed, and we still miss Billy Mays. Death took him at the apex of his career, and it’s hard not to wonder what he’d be doing today if he was still with us. So far, no one has inherited the mantle of his blue shirt, not Anthony “Sully” Sullivan, nor Vince Offer. Continue reading

SciMark Report: Pastafina by Chef Tony Ready for Comeback?

The Pastafina miracle cooker by Chef Tony Notaro, a retread of the Pasta Express, which debuted way back in 2006, could see new life in the direct-response TV sales market, according to product prognosticator Jordan Pine of SciMark Corp.

“I liked this product when it came out originally, and I think this revival version hits all the same, correct notes,” Pine writes at his SciMark Report blog.

Pine likes how the Pastafina commercial is shot, as well as pitchman Chef Tony’s skills: “The magic was always watching the pasta move as it cooks, and the production team has captured that. Tony is also in his element pitching anything Italian, and it shows in the passion he puts into his delivery.”

The current Pastafina As Seen on TV offer is two of the miracle vertical pasta cookers plus two recipe books for $10 plus S&P. Here’s where to order.

Here’s the original Pasta Express spot from 2006:

Three Years Without Billy Mays. Still Have a Sad.

Time passes so quickly – it’s hard to believe that this is the third anniversary of the death of Billy Mays. We still miss him, and wonder what he would be pitching today, if Death had not taken him at the top of his game. We’ll never know, so let’s console ourselves with a survey of “Every Product Billy Mays Ever Pitched” from the folks at MentalFloss (or check our Top Ten Billy Mays Commercials). As devoted Billy Mays fanatics, we think they may have missed couple, but we applaud their efforts anyway – and we’ll close IN ALL CAPS TO HONOR BILLY’S UNIQUE PITCHING STYLE. GODSPEED, BILLY!

Three Years Without Billy Mays. Still Have a Sad.

Little Blue Elephant Toilet Bowl Cleaner – New Product Tuesday

Little Blue Elephant Automatic Toilet Bowl CleanerAutomatic toilet bowl cleaners are not a recent invention. If you’re old enough (or click on lots of YouTube links) you may be familiar with the Ty-D-Bol man, who tooled around in a boat inside your toilet tank (we’ve included a 1971 commercial at the bottom of this post). Today’s new product puts an elephant in your tank– a Little Blue Elephant that spews magical cleaning chemicals from its trunk. Just feed him a cleaning packet, and he’ll keep your toilet clean and sanitary for 3 full months without you ever handling that nasty toilet brush.

New Product Tuesday with Comfortisse Bra

Comfortisse BrasWhen you’re shopping for comfortable bras, are more always better? First, the Ahh Bra hit the infomercial airwaves promising breakthrough comfort and support due to its stretchy body form technology and strapless, wireless and hookless design. The Ahh Bra is offered in sets of three for one low price. Women found this pitch convincing, and hundreds of thousands of Ahh Bras have been sold.

Whenever an As Seen on TV product is successful, copycats are likely to follow. Next came the Genie Bra, very similar in design to the Ahh Bra, but offering more bras for the same price. Buy three and get three more free– six Genie Bras for the prices of three Ahh Bras.

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New Product Tuesday with Germ Bloc

Image of Germ Bloc in use. Link to Germ Bloc official website.My mother was an extreme germophobe. There was no five second rule in our home. If food hit the floor, it went in the trash. Immediately after entering the house, you washed your hands. Touching the garbage can could mean a change of clothes. Mom would have loved Germ Bloc. This wallet-shaped device consists of a polycarbonate plastic shell surrounding a replaceable anti-microbial pad. The idea is to hold Germ Bloc in your hand and use it to grab anything you encounter that might be contaminated with icky germs, like toilet flush handles, door knobs, trash cans and gas pumps.

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New Product Tuesday with Slushy Magic

Slushy Magic Buy One Get One Free OfferBelieve me, your kid wants this. Kids love Slurpees, ICEEs, and Slush Puppies even in the depths of winter, and will demand one every time you’re within 100 yards of a 7-11. Now they can make their own brain-freezing slushy drinks at home. Slushy Magic transforms any drink into an instant slushy. No blender needed. Just freeze the reusable cubes, toss them in the cup, pour in your beverage and shake, shake, shake! Works with all drinks, including soda, juice, lemonade, even chocolate milk and yogurt. When you’re done enjoying your slushy treat, just rinse off the cubes, refreeze them, and your ready for more frozen fun. Perfect gift for kids of all ages.

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New Product Tuesday with BlanKid Buddy 4-in-1 Plush Animal Toy

BlanKid Buddy BOGO offerYou’re probably familiar with Pillow Pets, stuffed animals which change like Transformers into comfy kid pillows. Since their introduction a few years back, they’ve inspired other dual-purpose plushy toys like Happy Nappers (also turns into a pillow), Pawggles (turns into slippers) and Treasure Chest Pets (hidden storage compartment). Now BlanKid Buddy ups the ante with the first 4-in-1 stuffed toy. What is BlanKid Buddy other than a stuffed animal? Just watch the commercial and listen to the catchy jingle — “It’s a blanket, a backpack and a pillow too!”

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New Product Tuesday with Plaque Blast

Plaque Blast stops bad breath in dogs and catsIf you’ve seen both TV commercials, you might think Plaque Blast is just a knockoff of the very successful Plaque Attack. Both pet products claim to eliminate bad breath, whiten teeth, plus control tartar, plaque and bacteria in dogs and cats. The big difference? Dr. George’s Plaque Blast doesn’t contain any alcohol, which can be bad for your pet.

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