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‘Does It Work?’: Light Angel Shines Bright for TV Newscaster

Station gives thumbs up to Light Angel

In its latest “Does It Work?” segment on As Seen on TV products, ABC affiliate KSFY of Sioux Falls, S.D., takes on the Anthony Sullivan-touted Light Angel.

Consumer investigator Nancy Naeve put the Light Angel to the test in her own home, with favorable results. She found that the motion-activated LED light worked perfectly for a dark closet.

“I live in a very old house where lighting is a premium,” said Naeve. “The closets are also very small, with no electricity there, so in the morning I can barely see, so I’ll be happy if this works.”

The newscaster set up the light, closed the closet door, waited a minute, and then opened the door to test the Light Angel’s motion activation and light quality.

“This one is pretty bright.”

“Oh yeah! Can you see this?” she exclaimed. “Normally I don’t like LED lights because I don’t think they get bright enough, but this one is pretty bright.”

Two for one, plus a free lantern

You can now get two Light Angels for the price of one, plus a free Olde Brooklyn Lantern, for $12.99 plus S&H. Free shipping is also available. Get the details and order Light Angel at the official website.

Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener – New Product Tuesday

Edge of Glory Knife SharpenerThe Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener is not the newest product on our website. But this morning when I noticed it on our homepage, I wondered if naming it after a Lady Gaga song has really increased sales of this otherwise unremarkable product. I’m fairly certain that no one will mistake Anthony Sullivan for Gaga, especially since he’s not singing, dancing or disrobing. Nor do I think the song’s lyrics are about a woman try to pick up a pitchman who will come back to her place and sharpen her cutlery.

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New Product Tuesday with InstaBulb

InstaBulb - The Stick Up Light BulbToday’s post is going live several hours later than normal because we experienced a multi-hour power outage this morning here at As Seen On TV Video. We could have used today’s new product to illuminate the dark corners of our powerless offices. The InstaBulb is a battery-powered LED light that looks like a conventional incandescent bulb. It even has a pull-string to turn the light on and off. Each InstaBulb comes with an adhesive-backed bracket that lets you install it anywhere, and the bulb is removable from the bracket so you can use it as a flashlight (or pretend you’re Uncle Fester).

Do you remember the Stick Up Bulb, heavily advertised several years ago by the same pitchman, Anthony “Sully’ Sullivan? Seems pretty much identical in looks and functionality to the InstaBulb. Is a product actually new just because you changed the name? No, but it’s still just as useful.

New Product Tuesday with Chest Magic

Chest Magic new fitness sensation from Jennifer Nicole LeeJennifer Nicole Lee is an amazing woman with an inspiring story. After ballooning to 200 pounds as a young mother of two, Jennifer got into shape, lost 70 pounds, and was crowned Miss Bikini America in 2005. She has since produced an avalanche of fitness books and DVDs, and most famously appeared as the spokesperson for Ab Circle Pro.

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New Product Tuesday with Aluma Wallet

Aluma Wallet tweet from Anthony SullivanThe Aluma Wallet is another new product from Anthony “Sully” Sullivan, star of Discovery Channel’s PitchMen, who recently tweeted the wallet’s debut. There are many other compact aluminum wallets on the market, most claiming to be nearly indestructible, many claiming to be waterproof, and all claiming to be trendy and fashionable for both men and women. The Aluma Wallet goes one step further by claiming it will protect credit and debit cards with embedded computer chips from criminals with portable RFID scanners. This is a BOGO offer, with the expected extra handling fee. Watch out for upsells, as the Aluma Wallet official website states you can get free shipping on the main Aluma Wallet if you upgrade to the deluxe version.

EZstringer, OneSecondNeedle and Tater Tornado on Pitchmen Jan. 25


After last week’s return to the Discovery Channel schedule, PitchMen is back this week with another new episode, The New Gun in Town. Here’s the episode description:

Sully and assistant Kennedy head to a Chicago home and houseware convention to hear some sometimes crazy pitches for the “next big thing”, including an easy stringer and a tater tornado. Then Sully heads to the circus to test a revolutionary new needle.

From the description, it appears the three products featured in this episode will be EZstringer, Boardwalk Tater Tornado and One Second Needle. It’s interesting to note the return of former MTV VJ Kennedy, who first appeared in last week’s episode. Is the show being revamped to add Kennedy as Sully’s permanent sidekick? Could it be an attempt to add missing pizzaz to the struggling show with a known personality who won’t be perceived as a replacement for Billy Mays? It will be interesting to see how this plays out. We just hope that more new episodes air in the coming weeks.

The New Gun in Town airs Tuesday, January 25 at 7PM E/P.

Season two of PitchMen follows Anthony “Sully” Sullivan as he attempts to pick up the pieces and continue making inventors’ dreams come true after the sudden death of his longtime friend and pitch partner, Billy Mays.

PitchMen Returns to TV January 18

PitchmenI was alerted last month to the return of the aborted second season of Pitchmen. Being a cautious sort, your Savvy Shopper decided to wait to announce this happy news until I actually saw the show scheduled on Discovery Channel’s Pitchmen Episode Guide. Today, it’s official. Pitchmen returns January 18th at 7pm EST/PST, a less competitive pre-prime-time time slot. The sophomore season was canceled after two episodes when it aired in August 2010. Disappointing ratings were why the show was pulled. Let’s hope it does better at its new day and time.

Season two of PitchMen follows Anthony “Sully” Sullivan as he attempts to pick up the pieces and continue making inventors’ dreams come true after the sudden death of his longtime friend and pitch partner, Billy Mays.

New Product Tuesday with Ba’Noodle

Ba'Noodles: Better than a bag clip?
Ba’Noodles: Better than a bag clip?

Ba’Noodle promises to be a good test of Anthony “Sully” Sullivan’s pitchman skills. Everyone wants to keep bagged foods fresh after they’ve been opened, but would you consider buying these multicolored pipe-cleaner-meets-twist-tie strips to do the job? When I first heard the name Ba’Noodle, I swear I thought it was one of the infomercial parodies from Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! That name is pure Cinco.



New Product Tuesday with Boardwalk Tater Tornado

Boardwalk Tater Tornado Maker

Your Savvy Shopper has yet to visit the Boardwalk in Wildwood, New Jersey. So I was unaware of Tornado Fries, the deep-fried snack incredibly popular with boardwalk visitors. It’s even been featured on the Food Network. You’d think that putting french fries on a stick would be a uniquely American invention, but apparently the concept originated with street vendors in South Korea.

The Boardwalk Tater Tornado Maker is a hand-cranked countertop kitchen device that lets you make this tasty treat at home. You can even bake them for a healthier treat. Tater Tornado can also quickly transform other fruits and vegetables into tasty spiral snacks. This would have been a perfect product for the late Billy Mays to pitch, but instead it’s ably demonstrated by his PitchMen partner Anthony “Sully” Sullivan. “Tornado watch” the commercial spot below.