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New Product Tuesday with Royal Heirloom Ring

Royal Heirloom RingIt’s obvious the Royal Heirloom Ring, with its twinkling cubic zirconiums, simulated sapphire and thin layer of silver plate, is strictly costume jewelry. And yes, the British Historical Society and Sterlington Collections are inventions of As Seen on TV giant Telebrands.

Still, the Royal Heirloom Ring is a remarkably accurate replica of the ring currently on the finger of Kate Middleton, the future Queen of England, and once worn by Princess Diana, better known as Lady Di (arguably the greatest celebrity of the 20th century). If you love the romance and majesty of royalty, who could blame you for wanting to play dress up with this over-the-top example of royal bling? Here’s where to order.

Telebrands CEO Predicts Infomercial Bonanza Despite Economic Downturn

We were fascinated by this story featured on Wednesday’s NPR Show All Things Considered. A.J. Khubani, President and CEO of Telebrands, revealed the secret of why As Seen On TV products do so well during periods of severe recession. Other advertisers, like car makers, aren’t buying as much commercial time on TV. This allows direct response companies to buy up the excess inventory from stations and networks at the lowest possible price, bombarding potential buyers with pitches for As Seen On TV Products. Glad somebody is profiting from this horrible economy.