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Tac Zoom Telephoto Lens for Any Phone

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Tac Zoom Telephoto Lens for Any Phone

These days, everyone has a camera on their phone. But can your phone zoom in far enough to see the surface of the moon? With Tac Zoom, it can. Inspired by the high tech surveillance technology used by military drones, this lens lets you do things that are impossible with an ordinary phone camera.

Genuine Bell+Howell Precision and quality.

Capture sharp, high definition images from far away, transforming the quality of your sports photography. It boosts your phone’s zoom up to 8 times, so you can get gorgeous close up shots of every magic moment. Take Tac Zoom with you the next time you go into the woods. It’s like having binoculars that can take high-resolution pictures. And because it uses your smartphone, you can capture video too.

Works with any phone or tablet.

Tac Zoom easily attaches to any size or type of phone or tablet. There’s just nothing like it on the market. You could pay thousands of dollars for a fancy camera and telephoto lens, or you can simply turn your phone into a telephoto camera.


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