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Tac Camera Body Cam

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Tac Camera Body Cam

Body cams are revolutionizing law enforcement. But cops aren’t the only ones who can use a personal camera. Introducing the latest product from Bell+Howell — Tac Camera Body Cam. It’s the body cam for the rest of us. Inspired by state of the art tactical technology, Tac Camera continuously captures up to 8 gigabytes of high definition video and audio. Just clip it to your clothing. It automatically loops, so you never run out of recording space.

Capture every moment with Tac Camera.

Now, when the unexpected happens, you’ll have the evidence you need to get the justice you deserve. Use your Tac Camera to relive one of a kind experiences. You’ll be ready to capture every magic moment, or to make sure you always have proof of what really happened.

You don’t have to be a computer genius to use a Tac Camera. With just a few clicks, you can view, download and save your videos for later. And it’s military tough, with the quality you expect from Bell+Howell. Clings to clothing no matter what moves you make.

Free shipping. TV Double Offer.

Never miss a magic moment. Stop being a victim of everyday injustice. Order your Tac Camera – The Body Cam of the Rest of Us. You’ll be instantly upgraded to the Night Vision model with 7 built-in infrared LEDs. Double your order when you pay a separate fee.

$19.99 FREE Shipping (Just pay $7.95 fee for the second camera)


10 thoughts on “Tac Camera Body Cam

  1. ordered but never received ,got a receipt with an order number but no tracking number so they never sent it out, will keep you updated if I receive them.

    1. You will receive your product, I’m sure. Many As Seen on TV products are shipped directly from the factory overseas, and delivery can take a while. You can contact the company if you are concerned.

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