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New Product Tuesday with Super Beta Prostate

Super Beta ProstateJust like millions of other men, I have something in common with famous sports guy Joe Theismann. Yes, your Savvy Shopper has suffered with the annoying symptoms of an enlarged prostate, commonly known as BPH. Always feeling like you have to pee, never being able to fully empty your bladder, getting up frequently in the middle of the night—days and nights filled with anxiety about going to the bathroom. It sucks!

In severe cases of BPH, surgery is required. But many men turn to natural nutritional supplements like Super Beta Prostate to support healthy urinary flow and prostate function. Super Beta Prostate contains beta-sitosterol, blended with other health supporting vitamins and minerals. Beta-sitosterol is found in almost all plants, and is the active ingredient in saw palmetto berries, used for centuries to support prostate health. It would take over 100 same-sized Saw Palmetto capsules to get the plant sterols found in one serving of Super Beta Prostate.

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New Product Tuesday with Colon Flow Activator

With a name like Colon Flow, I think you already know what this product is for. But does it work? Your Savvy Shopper took this screenshot of a testimonial a helpful commenter left on this commercial’s YouTube page. I’m not sure who advised him that a case of PBR was an effective toxin eliminator, but at least he finally found the product that got the job done.

Colon Flow

New Product Tuesday with Modera XL

Modera XL dietary supplement to help quit smoking, drugs and alcoholAddiction to drugs, alcohol or smoking is a serious problem that demands serious treatment. Can you beat your addiction by yourself, in private, with the help of a dietary supplement? Seems unrealistic, but that seems to be the claim of Modera XL. The makers claim this twice-a-day powered drink mix is clinically effective in reducing cravings by balancing brain chemistry and replenishing vitamins and nutrients depleted from your use of addictive substances. We admit to a high level of skepticism, but visit the Modera XL website and read the FAQs and testimonials and decide for yourself.