Study: 4 in 5 Super Bowl Ads Don’t Work

Super Bowl adsThe vast majority of Super Bowl ads don’t bring sales for companies shelling out the big bucks to get them in front of millions of eyes every year, suggests a new study.

Eighty percent of game-day ads are ineffective, research firm Communicus found. That compares to the average of 60 percent of all ads the firm finds to be ineffective among consumers.

Why don’t Super Bowl Ads work better?

One of the problems with Super Bowl ads is that many of them run just once, and “one ad exposure often isn’t enough to make anything happen,” according to Communicus CEO Jeri Smith, as quoted on

The executive pointed to other probable factors.

“The advertisers really dial up the entertainment quotient to pop to the top of the USA Today rankings and such,” she said. “But we find the brand association with Super Bowl commercials is much lower than you’d get with a typical buy, just because of the way the creative is structured.”

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