StufZ Stuffed Burger Patty Maker

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StufZ Stuffed Burger Patty Maker

Make stuffed burgers like a pro with StufZ from celebrity chef Brian Duffy, as seen on Spike TV’s hit show Bar Rescue. The Juicy Lucy, the original stuffed cheeseburger, was invented in As Seen On TV Video’s hometown, Minneapolis. So you know how excited we are to start making tasty stuffed burgers here at home. One, we don’t have to drive across town. Two, we can use any fillings we want.

If you try and make a stuffed burger without StufZ, it’s only going to make a mess. And why try, because StufZ is so easy to use!

  1. Place your ground meat inside the base and press down with the top to create the cup for your stuffing.
  2. Fill with your favorite stuffing.
  3. Add your top patty, and press. That’s it!

“StufZ™ doesn’t just smash two patties together — the secret is how it creates a deep cup and perfectly seals the outside locking all that flavor inside.” – Chef Brian Duffy

StufZ makes a perfect stuffed and neatly sealed burger patty every time. Use beef, pork, turkey, even transform boring veggie burgers into super stuffed gourmet treats. And the stuffing combinations are endless. A few possibilities:

  • Chili, cheese and jalapeno
  • Mushrooms and Swiss cheese
  • Garlic, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and parmesan
  • Mac & cheese
  • Pizza burger with mozzarella, pepperoni and tomato sauce.

StufZ is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Order StufZ today and build stuffed burgers just like a pro!


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