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Studio Glow Makeup Light

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Studio Glow Makeup Light

The light in your home was not meant to makeup. The color is off and the shadows are horrible. Now’s there’s Studio Glow, the portable and powerful studio lights that turn any mirror into a professional makeup mirror. Illuminating your entire face has never been easier.

Simply attach the suction cups to any mirror and you’ll have professional lighting instantly. Now easily cover up those problem spots, tweeze with ease, or blend effortlessly. And with no more messy cords or cluttered counters. And Studio Glow’s mirrored finish blends in for a seamless look.

The secret is the true quad light technology which gives you the most natural illumination for perfect makeup application in any room. Now when you do one last check in the driver’s seat, there are no embarrassing surprises.

Installs in seconds. Portable. Cordless.

Studio Glow installs in seconds with no tools required. The stay-cool bulbs are guaranteed to last up to 50,000 hours. So you can take it off the mirror and take it on the road. Don’t sit hunched in front of a makeup mirror that can cost hundreds, or risk going out with a foundation faux pas. Order Studio Glow and you’ll light the professional way for beautiful looks every day.


One thought on “Studio Glow Makeup Light

  1. Roflmao what a complete waste of money!!! DO NIT BUY THIS PEOPLE!! It came in a smashed box the lights are cheap plastic covers that DONT stay on at all! The light with fresh brand new batteries wouldn’t even be accepted a night night light… hell I had to hold my hand cupped over it and my eye up close to see if the damn thing was even ON!! It’s CRAP CRAP CRAP so spend your money on real light bulbs that you just have in your bathroom ladies!!

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