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New Product Tuesday with Mr. Lid

Mr. Lid Plastic Food Containers with Built-in LidsA friend of mine recently mentioned she’d seen Mr. Lid on TV. At first I thought she meant the 1972 movie with Kris Kristofferson and Gene Hackman, but it turns out I misremembered the title of that film. My friend went on to explain that Mr. Lid is a new food storage system where all the containers have attached lids. Mr. Lid Food Storage Containers are stackable, microwave-safe, and the leakproof and stay-closed properties of the vacuum seal lids are demonstrated in the commercial by both shaking and dropping. Personally, I’d have enjoyed seeing a Billy Mays-style “wow” demonstration involving a brave juggling clown and several Mr. Lid containers filled with hot soup or coffee.

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New Product Tuesday with Space Bag Tote

Space Bag Tote As Seen on TV OfferWe Americans have a lot of stuff. So much stuff that we can’t use it all at once. So much stuff that we don’t have enough space to store the stuff we’re not currently using (and may never use again). Many of us rent (and later abandon) self-storage units. Another solution to the more stuff than space dilemma is to take the squishable stuff like clothes and bedding and make it smaller. That’s what Space Bags have been doing for years. Open the bag, put in your stuff, seal it up and vacuum out the air. Wow. Your stuff is now smaller.

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New Product Tuesday with Aluma Wallet

Aluma Wallet tweet from Anthony SullivanThe Aluma Wallet is another new product from Anthony “Sully” Sullivan, star of Discovery Channel’s PitchMen, who recently tweeted the wallet’s debut. There are many other compact aluminum wallets on the market, most claiming to be nearly indestructible, many claiming to be waterproof, and all claiming to be trendy and fashionable for both men and women. The Aluma Wallet goes one step further by claiming it will protect credit and debit cards with embedded computer chips from criminals with portable RFID scanners. This is a BOGO offer, with the expected extra handling fee. Watch out for upsells, as the Aluma Wallet official website states you can get free shipping on the main Aluma Wallet if you upgrade to the deluxe version.

Walmart Offers Free Shipping on As Seen on TV Products

Walmart has free shipping for holiday shopping

Love the convenience of online holiday shopping, but hate those horrid shipping costs? Now you can get your favorite As Seen On TV products shipped FREE… from Walmart.

Walmart has kicked off the holiday season early this year by getting rid of something all online shoppers hate: shipping costs. From now until December 20th, over 60,000 products can be purchased at and either shipped directly to your home or the nearest Walmart store for free. Even sweeter is that unlike certain popular online shopping sites, there is no minimum purchase or annual fee required for free shipping.

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New Product Tuesday with Over the Door Wonder Hanger

Over the Door Wonder HangerIf you’ve ever studied marketing, you probably learned about product line extensions. That’s when the name of an already successful product is used to market a new item in the same category. Think Coke, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Coke Zero, etc. In the world of As Seen on TV products, a good example would be Snuggie, Designer Snuggie, Snuggie for Kids and Snuggie for Dogs. Product line extensions are a good way to extend the limited lifespan of As Seen on TV brands.

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New Product Tuesday with Ba’Noodle

Ba'Noodles: Better than a bag clip?
Ba’Noodles: Better than a bag clip?

Ba’Noodle promises to be a good test of Anthony “Sully” Sullivan’s pitchman skills. Everyone wants to keep bagged foods fresh after they’ve been opened, but would you consider buying these multicolored pipe-cleaner-meets-twist-tie strips to do the job? When I first heard the name Ba’Noodle, I swear I thought it was one of the infomercial parodies from Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! That name is pure Cinco.



New Product Tuesday with Space Bag Underbed Closet

A tried and tested strategy of As Seen on TV marketing is to combine two existing products into something new. A perfect example is the new Space Bag Underbed Closet. Space Bags have been around for years. You put your garments in the plastic bag and hook it up to your vacuum cleaner to extract the air, protecting the contents while making them much smaller for storage.

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