StarTastic Laser Light

StarTastic Laser Light

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StarTastic Laser Light

StarTastic Laser Lights are the fast, simple and beautiful way to light up your entire home for Christmas, holidays, parties and more. Just plug it in and point it in the right direction. Then watch your home get a 10 second transformation as thousands of stars illuminate your home, the trees, and everything in between — up to 600 square feet.

Create an amazing light show.

Now your house can go from ordinary to extraordinary, and from boring to beautiful. StarTastic is water and cold resistant, and can withstand rain and even below zero temperatures (down to -35º F). Or, bring StarTastic inside to set the mood for a birthday dance party the kids will never forget.

No installation, saves energy, turns itself on and off automatically.

Now you can have the best lit house on the block, and it takes less than a minute to set up. StarTastic uses 99% less electricity than conventional Christmas lighting. It automatically turns on at dark and shuts off when the sun comes up.  Choose from 2 laser modes — green lights or red and green lights.


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