Star Shower Slide Show

Star Shower Slide Show Holiday Laser Light

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Star Shower Slide Show Holiday Laser Light

If love lighting your house for the holidays, but hate the hours of decorating work, don’t short circuit. Introducing the Star Shower Slide Show, the latest innovation in holiday lighting from the makers of the original Star Shower Laser Light. Transform your home for any holiday. Just plug it in, pick a slide, and play.

Easy to use, and built to last.

Star Shower Slide Show is engineered with Easy Slide technology — just pick your slide and slip it into place. Best of all, it’s water resistant so you can keep it in the ground all year around, even during a winter blizzard. There’s a 3 speed toggle — slow, to watch the designs slowly dance across your home, fast, to watch them quickly fly, or you can freeze the action. And it consumes 50x less energy than conventional lights, while projecting the brightest images.

Not just for Christmas.

Celebrate every holiday with Star Shower Slide Show. It comes with 12 different slides — 6 Christmas slides, Valentine’s day, Halloween, 4th of July, birthday, Easter, New Year’s and wedding.


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