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Blade Nano QX FPV Drone with Headset Gives You Eyes in the Skies

Blade Nano QX FPV 4CH 2.4GHz RC DroneIt’s all about drones these days, what with Amazon gearing up for Prime Air delivery and RC enthusiasts video piloting their latest ‘copters in the park. Have you ever dreamed of flying like an eagle with a bird’s-eye view of the neighborhood? You can zip between trees at up to 100 miles an hour, maybe peer over that high wall you’ve always wondered about. The headset lets you look around in any direction – you can even see yourself down below on the ground, a real-time out-of-body experience. You don’t have to be a member of the Royal Netherlands Air Force to enjoy aerial acrobatics like these – the new generation of super-light and durable RC aircraft are incredibly agile and maneuverable. New quadcopters like the Blade Nano QX FPV 4CH 2.4GHz RC Drone give you the totally immersive cockpit experience of on-board piloting. This isn’t virtual reality. It’s totally real and you’re in control.
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iRenew Bracelet – (iRe)new Product Tuesday

You may remember the iRenew Bracelet from back in 2010, when it was constantly advertised on TV. It was a hugely successful product, backed by vague claims of energy balancing. You may also remember the class action lawsuit and settlement over iRenew’s false advertising claims, resulting in some customers returning their bracelets for a full refund.

iRenew wants you to stop the skepticism.

iRenew is back, and doesn’t want you to focus on the litigious haters. No, as iRenew spokesperson Art Edmonds says in the new TV spot, “stop the skepticism and wear what works.” Still, we’re not sure is Art is proud of his association with iRenew, as he doesn’t mention it in the extensive list of accomplishments on his LinkedIn profile.

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Infomercial Queen Forbes Riley to Host New TV Talk Show Series

Forbes Riley, long the doyenne of health-and-fitness infomercials, is hitting cable networks this spring with a new series of her Forbes Living TV talk show.

The fitness infomercial queen’s new series is aimed at athletes and exercisers of all skill levels who are looking to improve a personal best or master their sport or fitness regimen.

“Whether you’ve mastered a fitness routine or have become a pro at a favorite sport, there’s always room for improvement,” reads a news release about the series. “And to continue seeing results, fitness enthusiasts and athletes can’t stick to the same routine. Finding new challenges and ways to further develop and perfect skills is important to achieving peak performance.”

Forbes Living TV features celebrity interviews, and has pitched legendary products like the Living Well HealthMaster Fruit & Vegetable Emulsifier, Estrinol menopause relief and the SpinGym. The show airs on cable networks including WE and ION, as well as Fox and ABC broadcast stations.

Forbes Riley, who claims the mantle of “America’s Most Loved Health & Fitness Innovator,” has been a familiar television face for decades, as an actress, spokeswoman and TV host. She is in the Fitness Hall of Fame, and has sold over a billion dollars’ worth of products.

‘Secret Project’: ‘Seinfeld’ Reunion Confirmed

It’s unclear exactly what form it will be in, but the cast of Seinfeld has definitely reunited to film . . . something. Creator and star Jerry Seinfeld called it a “secret project.”

“I think it’s one-and-done.”

Seinfeld and costar Jason Alexander (George Costanza) were recently spotted walking into Tom’s Restaurant in New York City, the gang’s hangout for nearly a decade, for some sort of shoot. Larry David, a writer and creator of the show, was also there, Seinfeld confirmed on the sports talk radio show Boomer & Carton. Seinfeld was cagey about what exactly they were filming, but did answer in the affirmative when asked if it would be a one-time thing. “I think it’s one-and-done,” he said. 

“Very, very soon.”

Seinfeld also said that whatever they are making will be available for viewing shortly: “Very, very soon,” he said.

So does that mean they’re merely reuniting for a Super Bowl commercial? Nope. He said it’s definitely longer than 60 seconds.

Our favorite minor ‘Seinfeld’ characters

seinfeld j. peterman
J. Peterman

Elaine’s boss J. Peterman (played by John O’Hurley) was always smartly attired, even when hanging out in Far East opium dens.




Uncle Leo
Uncle Leo

Uncle Leo (played by Len Lesser, who passed away in 2011) was one of TV’s greatest cheapskates.




seinfeld mr wilhelm
Mr. Wilhelm

A shining moment of the series was when George’s boss Mr. Matt Whilhelm (played by Richard Herd) joined a carpet-cleaning religious cult.




seinfeld joe davola
“Crazy” Joe Davola

Perhap’s TV’s greatest sociopath is “crazy” Joe Davola (played by Peter Crombie, and named after a TV producer of the same name).

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Pie Chart: NFL’s 11 Minutes of Gameplay

nfl 11 minutes gameplay
The ball’s in play for just 11 minutes per game!

In case you missed it, a couple of years ago the Wall Street Journal performed a study of televised NFL games that yielded surprising results. It found that the ball is in play for only 11 minutes on average per game. The rest of the broadcast is taken up by crowd shots, commercials, replays and other nonplay content. recently broke down the Journal’s results into this nifty pie chart.

The site likens the pie chart to a pizza, with game action representing just half a slice, and concludes: “Apparently football is not like pizza, because if someone brought you a tasty pie every Sunday but you couldn’t even eat half a slice, I think you’d tell that person to f**k off.”

Be a Judge for ‘USA Today’ Super Bowl Ad Meter

Super Bowl trophyThere are just 19 days before the big game, and USA Today is counting down the seconds till kickoff. The paper is also inviting ball fans to judge this year’s crop of big-budget ads for its annual Super Bowl Ad Meter: “Odds are you’ll have some strong opinions on what exactly the best (and worst) commercials of the night are, and if you do, you can have your voice heard by registering as a panelist for USA Today’s Super Bowl Ad Meter, the foremost tracker of public opinion on Super Bowl ads. Interested?”

If you are, visit USA Today to register.

Study: 4 in 5 Super Bowl Ads Don’t Work

Super Bowl adsThe vast majority of Super Bowl ads don’t bring sales for companies shelling out the big bucks to get them in front of millions of eyes every year, suggests a new study.

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New Product Tuesday with Pocket Chair

Pocket Chair from Adam JayEven though sitting too much is bad for our health, we’re spending more and more of our time in a non-upright position. Adam Jay, pitchman for the infamous Aspray, is back with the Pocket Chair, an improbably small chair that claims to comfortably hold up to 250 pounds. The Pocket Chair is very small, but you’d need a pretty big pocket to stow it there.

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