SpinMaid Floor Cleaner & Polisher

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SpinMaid Floor Cleaner & Polisher

Clean like the pros and get beautiful floors quickly and easily with SpinMaid. Removes scuffs, stains, even crayon with 200 RPM of rechargeable cordless cleaning power in the palm of your hand. With dual rotating heads, SpinMaid lifts dirt and mess without all the scrubbing and back-breaking work.

Clean and polish the whole house — up to an hour on one charge. Changing the reusable pads takes just seconds. Comes with 2 washable microfiber pads plus 2 washable scruffer pads for ground-in dirt. Invented by a woman, SpinMaid is for everyone who is looking for the easiest and most effective way to clean and polish all floor surfaces.

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2 thoughts on “SpinMaid Floor Cleaner & Polisher

  1. My spin mop bucket doesn’t spin any more. I haven’t had that long. i love it and told everyone i knew about it. I’m not so happy now. why don’t things last. I’m 74 and are very unhappy with the spinner bucket!!

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