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Aging Skin? Tired muscles? Dry cracked feet? You could go to a luxury spa to rejuvenate your skin and pamper your body, or you could bring the spa to you. Spin Spa is the motorized spinning brush with interchangeable heads that turns showering into a luxury spa experience. For aging skin, use the microdermabrasion head to clear away dead skin cells head to toe, and reveal the youthful skin beneath. Or use the mesh sponge for a more gentle exfoliation, giving your skin a clean and healthy glow everyday.

So many ways to indulge your body.

For tired muscles, use the massage head to soothe away aches and pains. The soft massaging fingers also improve circulation. Perfect for areas prone to cellulite. For dry, cracked feet, use the salon-quality pumice stone to smooth away calluses and rough skin. You can have pedicure perfect feet all the time.

Every day is spa day with Spin Spa.

Spin Spa comes with every indulgence you’d find in a spa, and it’s great for everyday cleaning too. Just add your favorite soap or body wash and let Spin Spa do the rest. The extra long handle makes reaching your back and lower legs easy.

Free Facial Mini Spa free with your order.

Who needs a spa? Now you can pamper yourself with spa luxury everyday in the convenience of your own home. You could spend $100 or more at a luxury spa, or bring the spa to you with Spin Spa. Comes complete with the microdermabrasion head, sponge head, and cleansing head. You’ll also get the massage head and pumice stone as special bonuses. Order Spin Spa today and you’ll also receive the Facial Mini Spin Spa absolutely free (a $30 value).


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