Spicy Shelf Deluxe

Spicy Shelf Deluxe

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Spicy Shelf Deluxe

The Spicy Shelf Deluxe is the ultimate stackable cabinet organizer that can turn your messy spice cabinet into a organized masterpiece. But it’s not just for spices. Over one million have already been sold. Satisfied customers are using their Spicy Shelf to organize everything in their cabinets — medicines, nail polishes, cosmetics, vitamins, crafts, pantry items, and even nuts screws and bolts in the garage. It’s become the universal stackable organizer for your cabinets.

Spicy Shelf Deluxe is the universal cabinet organizer.

With Spicy Shelf, there are no more messes. You get OCD approved organization in every cabinet. No more wasted time searching for bottles behind bottles. And Spicy Shelf Deluxe is 5X stronger than the original model. Now holds up to 40 pounds, so it’s the universal cabinet organizer. Also new is a non-slip surface so bottles don’t slide around on the shelf.

Eliminate wasted space in your cabinets.

You’ll love the more efficient use of space. Eliminate the wasted space above your stored items, because Spicy Shelf Deluxes stacks items vertically. Stores more items in a more organized way. And it expands or contracts to fit any size cabinet. Use your existing shelf pins or the included freestanding legs.


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