Snuggle Up Fleece Recliner Cover

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Snuggle Up Fleece Recliner Cover

The Snuggle Up Fleece Recliner Cover is the world’s most comfortable way to spend the night or day relaxing in your recliner. Simply place Snuggle Up Fleece over your favorite fabric covered recliner. Let the custom fit invite you in to experience another level of comfort.

It’s made of 100% breathable poly fleece to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. So comfortable and baby soft, even the baby will love snuggling up in it. Snuggle Up’s one-piece design perfectly fits your favorite large fabric covered recliner from the head to the arms to the footrest.

Tired of losing your remote, keys and phone between the cushions of your chair? Snuggle Up Fleece comes with four easy access pockets so these important items are always within reach. And you won’t worry when your pets jumps up on your chair, because Snuggle Up Fleece will protect the fabric from pet hair and stains. It’s machine-washable, and can cover up existing spots and stains on your chair.

Turn your chair into the world’s most comfortable recliner with Snuggle Up Fleece. Similar chair covers have been advertised for as much as $75, but you can Order Snuggle Up Fleece for much less. Because it’s from Sobakawa, it’s guaranteed to turn your recliner into the most comfortable chair in your home.


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  1. I ordered 2 of the fleece recliner covers several weeks ago and have heard nothing from your. Wondering what the hold up is. Can you help?

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