Smart Touch Can Opener

Smart Touch Can Opener

Smart Touch Can Opener

The Smart Touch Automatic Can Opener is the kind of old-school As Seen On TV product we can really get behind. You may remember the One Touch Can Opener and One Touch Jar Opener from several years back. Well, the all-new Smart Touch Can Opener does the job of both – it opens cans, jar lids, pull-lid cans and removes bottle caps too!

Cans, jars, bottles – Smart Touch Can Opener opens them all – hands-free.

Smart Touch is the world’s best hands-free bottle, can and jar opener. It’s the fastest way to open a can with no mess and no sharp edges to cut your fingers. Just place Smart Touch on the can, touch the button, and away it goes. The uniquely-designed blade clamps down on the blade from the side, leaving a surface so smooth it won’t even pop a balloon. Best of all, the lid never falls inside the can. A strong magnet holds your lid until you’re ready to release it for recycling. Smart Touch works with all sizes of cans and jars.

And Smart Touch is easy to clean with its unique detachable blade – finally a can opener you can sanitize in the dishwasher.

Smart Touch is perfect for people with hand or joint pain.

When you have arthritis, it’s hard to open a can. But Smart Touch does the work for you. Effortlessly twist off even the most stubborn bottle caps. Pop open bottle tops and ring tabs. The unique design gives you all the leverage you’ll ever need.

Buy one get one free with this special TV offer.

Get two Smart Touch Can Openers for the price of one (just pay separate postage). Stop struggling trying to open cans, jars and bottles.

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