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Smart Swab

Smart Swab is the new and innovative ear swab. It’s the best way to clean your ear comfortably and safely. Just place Smart Swab in your ear and twist to remove your earwax. Cotton swabs can go too far into your ear and cause pain. But Smart Swab has a soft spiral grooved head designed to travel the perfect distance into the ear. With a simple twist, it latches on to wax and safely extracts it without injuring your ear.

Cotton swabs don’t belong in your ear.

With the touch-free disposable replacement tips, discarding used swabs is simple. According to Dr. Adam S. Rosoff, the most common cause of ear wax blockage is using a cotton swab or other objects that can push wax deeper into the ear, and potentially injuring the eardrum. “Smart Swab eliminates the worry,” says Dr. Rosoff, “and cleans very effectively.”

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Remember, cotton swabs are not meant to go in your ear. It says so on the box. Clean your ears safely and comfortably with Smart Swab. Order now and get a custom box of 16 Smart Swabs and handle for only $19.99. With this special TV Double Offer, you can double your order and get 32 Smart Swabs and 2 handles. Just pay a small separate fee. Free shipping on your entire order.

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