Slice Right

Slice Right Watermelon Slicer and Server

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Slice Right Watermelon Slicer and Server

Fresh watermelon is the perfect end to any family meal, and Slice Right is the new easy way to slice and serve this tasty treat. Serving watermelon can be a messy, time-consuming chore, or you could pay twice the price and buy pre-sliced melon. But with Slice Right, you do the job with ease, making short work of even the largest watermelon.

Slice Right quickly carves out pieces that are just right for a quick snack or healthy dessert. Then simply flip it over, and it makes removing and serving those slices just as easy. Just slice, flip and serve. If you prefer smaller pieces, just use Slice Right in two directions and you’ll have perfectly cubed pieces.

And there’s no messy cleanup. With Slice Right, you leave the rind behind. You can even use the rind as a serving dish. Slice Right works with all varieties of melon, including honeydew and cantaloupe. The secret is the unique cutting pin that gets down to the bottom of the melon and follows the contour of the rind, for perfect slices every time.

And it’s not just for melons. Slice Right also makes the perfect cake server, because it always cuts evenly. When you’re done, Slice Right goes right into the dishwasher for easy cleanup. Stop struggling when slicing and serving watermelon.


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