sitNcycle Exercise Bike

sitNcycle Exercise Bike

Dorothy Hamill introduces sitNcycle: the fun, convenient way to burn calories and get in the best shape of your life.

sitNcycle’s so easy to use – 8 resistance levels let you choose the intensity of your aerobic workout. And sitNcycle’s unique hands free design encourages you to sit up straight, strengthening your core muscles while you lose weight. Superior engineering gives you a ride so smooth you can watch TV, talk on the phone, use your tablet or just read your book or magazine. Burn calories throughout the day with minimal effort while you do other important tasks!

“I call it ‘Fitness Multi-Tasking’… lifelong fitness has so many benefits… more energy, reduced stress, and even improving your health. So why just sit, when you can sitNcyle?”
Dorothy Hamill,
Olympic Gold Medal Winner
World Champion Figure Skater

Features & Benefits

  • Burn as many as 500 calories per hour, depending on intensity level
  • Substantial soft saddle seat is safe and comfortable
  • Seat is adjustable, with a secure locking mechanism
  • Pedals have special grips to hold feet in place
  • Adjustment dial is easy to turn, has eight levels of resistance
  • Modern, stylish design and attractive colors complement any room
  • Lightweight and compact, usable inside or outdoors

“The sitNcycle arrived in two days and I put it together myself in just a few minutes. I replaced my desk chair with the sitNcycle and use it when I talk on the phone and work on my computer. I’m able to keep active while working. Already I’ve lost a couple of pounds!”

– Mary, Annapolis, MD

“My son bought this exercise bike for me, and since he has I can’t stop using it. Instead of sitting on the couch, or sitting in my reading chair, I just sit on the sitNcycle and pedal. Great gift!”

– Mr. Jenkins, New Haven, CT

Why sit when you can sitNcyle? Portable, versatile, effortless motion. sitNcycle is so lightweight – 34 pounds with convenient wheels – you can carry or roll it just about anywhere!

sitNcycle is great while you…

  • watch TV.
  • talk on the phone.
  • read a book.
  • surf the web.

This offer is not available in stores. Order sitNcyle now and get free shipping!

4 thoughts on “sitNcycle Exercise Bike

  1. I need help. I’ve loved my SitNcycle from the beginning and used it often with a step stool as I am too short to just climb on. Now I have COPD and put on oxygen 24/7. I find I am unsteady getting on and off without anything to hold onto. I have fallen twice getting off, so I hesitate to get back on. Is there any thing that I can attach to hold onto while getting on and off to help me? Any help would be appreciated. I am 77 years and I really need to get back to it.

    1. Hello Audrey. I wish I could answer your question, but our website streams TV commercials and infomercials. We don’t make or sell this product. I’m not sure how to contact the manufacturer. Maybe a local handyperson could help? Please be careful!

  2. I purchased and received the cycle and paid the full price. Would not go together and I was sent another part. Still would not go together so I sent it back. I received confirmation of their receipt. It was to late for a refund so I would get another one. Still have not received another one. Now what?

    1. Hi Marilyn, our site just streams TV commercials. We don’t sell the products featured in the ads. Hope you can get this straightened out, but we have no way to help. Sorry.

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