Shower Wow and Star Shower – New Product Tuesday

Star Shower and Shower WowIt’s been quite a while since we abandoned the regular feature we called New Product Tuesday, but we’re bringing it back today to highlight two newly added products: Shower Wow and Star Shower. With the word Shower in both product names, what is it these two products have in common? The common attribute has nothing to do with plumbing — it’s light.

Shower Wow is a screw-in replacement shower head that incorporates LED lights that transition through the colors of the rainbow. Just add music to turn your bathroom into a wet, naked dance club. Bonus cool factor: Shower Wow is powered by water, so no batteries are required. It’s supposed to make shower time fun for kids. Let’s hope it doesn’t teach young minds that light and water are always a safe combination.

Star Shower is a laser light that showers your home (or anything else in its path) with animated colorful stars. It’s marketed as an easy-to-install replacement for conventional strings of holiday lights. It would also be great for annoying your neighbors by pointing it at their bedroom window in the middle of the night.

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