Shower Wow

Shower Wow LED Rainbow Light Shower Head

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Shower Wow LED Rainbow Light Shower Head

Introducing Shower Wow, the amazing new LED shower head that transforms water into a cascade of color. Ordinary showers are boring, which is why kids never want to get in. But Shower Wow is anything but boring as its LED lights magically transitions through all the colors of the rainbow – orange, purple, blue and then green. Your kids will be begging to get in and get clean.

Shower Wow requires no batteries. Powered by water.

Simply remove your existing shower head and replace it with the high-quality Shower Wow head, and you’re done. Now when you turn on the faucet, you’ll release a cascade of color. No hardware, and no batteries required. Shower Wow is powered by water pressure for years of continuous use. The high quality chrome finish works well with any decor.

Your kids will love Shower Wow.

From toddlers to teenagers, Shower Wow LED Rainbow Light Shower Head turns shower time into awesome fun time. Why settle for a boring regular shower head when you can have Shower Wow?


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