Shimmer Temporary Jewelry Tattoos

Shimmer Temporary Metallic Jewelry Tattoos

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Shimmer Temporary Metallic Jewelry Tattoos

Get the hot new fashion look everybody’s talking about: Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos. Just pick your design, apply and let dry. Then hit the beach or hit the town and watch as your beautiful shiny metallic “skin bling” turns heads and gets you noticed.

Shimmer temporary tattoos are waterproof, will last for 4-6 days, and are safe for all skin types. Want to get rid of it sooner? Remove it quickly and easily with baby oil.

Order today and get 50 bold designer-created temporary jewelry tattoos – 2 sheets of 15 bracelet, armband and ankle bracelet tattoos, 2 sheets with over 40 icons good for earrings, rings charms and shimmer, 1 head dress design, and more than 50 jewelry inspired pieces. (Not sure how that adds up to 50, but we’re just going by what it says on the Shimmer website. Seems like a lot in any case.)


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