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New Product Tuesday with Comfortisse Bra

Comfortisse BrasWhen you’re shopping for comfortable bras, are more always better? First, the Ahh Bra hit the infomercial airwaves promising breakthrough comfort and support due to its stretchy body form technology and strapless, wireless and hookless design. The Ahh Bra is offered in sets of three for one low price. Women found this pitch convincing, and hundreds of thousands of Ahh Bras have been sold.

Whenever an As Seen on TV product is successful, copycats are likely to follow. Next came the Genie Bra, very similar in design to the Ahh Bra, but offering more bras for the same price. Buy three and get three more free– six Genie Bras for the prices of three Ahh Bras.

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New Product Tuesday with Secret Solutions Shapewear

Secret Solutions Woman Within plus-size shapewearIt’s not clear when foundation garments acquired their new trendy name: Shapewear. While many Americans exercise and diet to improve their appearance, others choose a different approach and conceal their figure faults with body shaping undergarments. We already feature several shapewear product videos on our site, including Kymaro Curve Control Jeans and Slim N Lift for women, plus Slim Ts and Insta Slim for men.

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