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ShamWow Masks with Zinc

ShamWow Masks with Zinc

Get the ShamWow Mask, made in the USA with the best professional grade material from Germany. Disposable masks can protect, but they’re not washable. ShamWow Masks are machine washable and reusable, while disposable masks are a waste of money. ShamWow Masks are infused with real zinc, to help fight and stop bacteria and other microbes. It’s light, breathable, and has a cotton inner layer for comfort.

Made with non-woven fibers like professional-grade masks.

Almost all cloth masks are made with woven fibers, with allow viruses and airborne germs to get through easily. ShamWow is made from non-woven fibers that prevent microbes from entering, keeping you safe and sound. You get it all. Comfort, zinc, reusability and the best protection. Those other masks you see on TV are made in China. For premium quality, go with the USA.

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