ShamWhat?! ShamWow’s Vince Offer Weds Earth Woman!

Vince OfferFormer ShamWow champion Vince Offer has managed to use his legendary salesmanship to convince an earth woman to tie the knot. The salesman from another planet wed Melody Claire in Malibu, California, before friends and family. has an exclusive set of photos from the ceremony (hm, what’s Vince pointing at in that first photo?), plus an interview with Offer.

“[The hooker incident] probably saved my life.”

Offer told NBC News that his infamous dustup with a hooker in Miami five years ago was, in retrospect, a good thing. “It probably saved my life,” said the pitchman of the Slap ChopSchticky and InVinceable

Offer says he was introduced to Claire through a mutual friend at West Hollywood’s famed Chateau Marmont in 2012.

“Hopefully I won’t make another mistake.”

The 49-year-old pitchman is confident married life will keep him on the straight and narrow. “Fame didn’t change me,” he told NBC, but “money can buy anything. . . . [Y]ou want more girls around you. . . . People understand you make mistakes in life. Hopefully I won’t make another mistake.”


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