Skil Secure Grip Wrench Set

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Skil Secure Grip Wrench Set

The Skil Secure Grip is the most innovative hand tool on the market. This four piece set replaces 27 ordinary box, standard and metric wrenches. Now can you grip and open stripped bolts, break open rusted nuts, and loosen old painted bolts with Secure Grip.

Steve Watson for Skil Secure Grip

This self-adjusting, self-gripping tool helps you grip it and rip it out fast. Secure Grip is your last chance wrench. Works where other fail. The secret is the 60 hardened steel teeth that bite into the bolt as you turn for effortless loosening or powerful tightening. Plus, it’s self-adjusting. One Secure Grip wrench fits seven standard and metric size bolts and nuts. That means your four piece set replaces 27 ordinary wrenches. No more stressing and guessing – you’ll always have the right size.

You can have an entire toolbox full and wrenches, sockets and pliers, but they still can’t do what one Skil Secure Grip can do. And because it’s from Skil, you know that Secure Grip will do everything you see in the commercial and more.


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