Secret Cover for Thinning Hair

Secret Cover for Thinning Hair

If you’re a woman who experiences thinning hair, bald spots, irregular hairline – or if you just want more hair – you need to know about Secret Cover, the snap, style and go solution to thinning hair. Secret Cover is beautiful hair to fill in, add volume, and cover what isn’t there.

With Secret Cover, I just feel younger. This is what my hair was like 20 years ago.

You’ll be amazed at the instant difference Secret Cover makes. The real secret is in the invisible hand-knotted base, which mimics your real hair. It’s feather-light, comfortable to wear, and looks, feels and moves like regular hair. Secret Cover is the snap, style and go solution – naturally beautiful coverage in seconds. Just selected your desired position, snap Secret Cover into place, then blend and style.

Secret Cover is available in true colors to perfectly blend into your hair. Not hot, heavy or itchy – you’ll forget you’re wearing it. Feels and moves like real, healthy hair, so you’ll feel beautiful and confident. You can wash, trim, brush and style Secret Cover, and wear it wherever you need extra coverage.

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