Scratch Aide Wood Scratch Remover

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Scratch Aide Wood Scratch Remover

Scratch Aide is the new wood scratch mender from Dutch Glow. It’s the perfect match for any scratch. Scratch Aide brings all your precious wood furniture, flooring and doors back to life. Just apply to scratched wood and it looks brand new again.

Scratches on your hardwood floor are a real eyesore. But with Scratch Aide they simply disappear like magic. Light, medium or dark wood, coarse or fine grain – Scratch Aide works on them all, so you don’t see the damage at all.

Scratch Aide’s secret is that is goes on clear and absorbs the existing stain color. This stains the scratch and makes it virtually disappear. Watch the commercial on this page and see how Scratch Aide makes even extreme scratches instantly disappear.

Replacing scratched wood can cost hundreds of dollars. Using markers or crayons is messy, and the scratches just come back. Fix them for good with Scratch Aide. Pays for itself the first time you use it.


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