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Watch for These Infomercial Red Flags

Fitness Couple

As part of their New Year’s resolution, many people are turning to fitness regimes such as P90X3 and machines like the Bowflex MAX Trainer and the Tour de Force Centennial. While they can be effective, you have to watch for a few red flags in fitness pitches.

“Lose weight without exercising.”

While it is possible to lose weight without exercising, “you will end up sacrificing your health, energy and metabolism,” writes Libby Norris of Canada AM. “The number one reason we gain weight as we age is loss of lean tissue. Not using and losing your muscle mass as you age reduces your resting metabolic rate . . . which is your fat-burning furnace!

“Burn 1,000 calories in one workout.”

Read the small print, and you’ll find that this calorie-count represents the extreme top-end count that possible. Several factors affect the number of calories that can be burned, including age, weight, gender and workout intensity. The infomercials, Norris points out, make high-intensity workouts look like a breeze.

“Studies show…”

Studies that aren’t from recognized health authorities often hold no weight. Ads citing studies from disreputable sources often take a dubious claim and run with it.

“See results in just minutes per day.”

You can get results by working out just five minutes a day, but it’ll take a lot longer to see those results than with a lengthier, higher-impact regimen.

As Norris writes: “How quickly you get results is directly related to the balance of changes you may need to make in a variety of areas related to weight and fitness – eating, activity, body composition, health, sleep and stress. Quick results are most often short-lived!”

New Product Tuesday with One Second Needle

One Second NeedleYour Savvy Shopper is not the most domestic person on the planet. I’m more at home installing RAM or shoveling the driveway than sewing a button or hemming a pair of pants. The few times I’ve attempted sewing, it’s taken me 15 minutes just to get the needle threaded. Then i could finally start making pitifully crooked and unevenly-spaced stitches.

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New Product Tuesday with Magic Crisp

Magic Crisp Microwave Crisping TrayOne thing’s for certain when it comes to As Seen on TV products: what’s old will someday be new again (or presented as such). Back in 1982, my then-girlfriend’s mother gave us her old microwave when she purchased a new one. One of the accessories she included with this generous gift was a round plastic microwave crisping tray with raised ribs and a channel around the perimeter to capture grease. It worked pretty well to cook bacon and reheat pizza. In fact, it was very similar to today’s “new” product, the Magic Crisp. That’s not a bad thing, because useful products are always welcome in the home, even if they’re not newly invented.

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New Product Tuesday with Total Pillow

Review of the Total Pillow
“I could fall asleep right here with this thing on me.”

The Total Pillow seems like a useful product. It’s a versatile pillow that you can twist into various shapes to support different parts of your body. But your Savvy Shopper was taken aback by the review of a real shopper wandering through a shopping mall somewhere in America. I know it’s a real shopper because the text at the bottom of the screen says, “Not actors. Real people with real opinions.” This young man declares that while standing up, in the middle of a busy, well-lit shopping mall, “I could fall asleep right here with this thing on me.” Now that’s a quite a testimonial for this thing called the Total Pillow!

New Product Tuesday with Ruane Manning’s Horse Clock

Your Savvy Shopper is pleased to present Ruane Manning’s Horse Clock. That is all. This product neighs for itself.

Dormeo Renew

Savvy Shopper Ends the Artifice

No more pretentious We on this blog.
No more pretentious “We” on this blog.

When we started this blog, We’ll admit we thought it would be amusingly cute for our Savvy Shopper persona to refer to ourselves using the royal “we,” known among snooty intellectual types as a nosism. But you know what? I was wrong. See, I said “I,” and will continue to do so in the future when referring to myself as an individual. It’s annoying to write in the second person, and I’m sure it’s more annoying to read unless the writer is more talented than myself.

So that’s it. I feel liberated. We I are am so happy to be done with that pretentious charade. Oops. It will take a little time to get used to this.