Salon Express EZ View

Salon Express EZ View Nail Art Stamper

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Salon Express EZ View Nail Art Stamper

Salon Express is the fast, easy, foolproof way to stamp your way to beautiful nails. Just apply your favorite polish, scrape off the excess, and stamp it right on your nail. Perfect. The secret is in the stamper with EZ View technology. Because you can see through the stamper, your design always lands right where you want it.

Use the EZ View stamper with your plain nails for an elegant, understated look. Layer on multiple colors to show off your wild side. With the EZ View stamper and design plates, you can match your mani to your favorite dress. Or perfect your pedi for a day by the pool.

The EZ View stamper is so easy to use and you’ll get it right every time.

Why spend $$$ at the salon when you can do it so easily at home? Salon Express makes it as easy as apply and stamp. You don’t have to be a nail artist to create professional nail art with Salon Express.

Free nail plates with over 25 designs.

Don’t hide your hands with boring polish, and stop spending time and money on expensive nail art. Salon Express yourself! You’ll also receive five free nail plates with over 25 designs you can mix and match for endless possibilities.


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